Saturday, 5th September 2015

Quintuplets cause a stir!

Kate PongNewport mother, Kate Pong, has sensationally given birth to five beautiful babies this week.

That was the news published in Tuesday’s announcements section of the Times paper.

But after a little digging from the Advertiser team we found things were not quite as they seemed.

For the proud quintuplet mother is in fact a dog.

The paternal pooch has attracted national interest with the details of her five pups Beyonce, Tyra, Bobbi, Barack and Earl plastered across the national daily.

To the amazement of readers, bloggers and journalists alike there has been speculation over the extraordinary names and secrecy of the birth.

But owner, Fiona Wallace from Field Aston, exclusively revealed to the Advertiser how her chocolate Labrador came to feature in one of the most unusual entries in the Times’ BDM column.

“I run a show jumping pony team with my business partner Julie Templeton,” said Fiona.

“And Kate has become quite famous in the horse world because we always write about her antics in the news pages that are uploaded to our website.

“We have a lot of friends in the business all over the country and lots of people read about her on the website.

They keep logging on and it’s just snowballed from there.

“So many people were asking about her and the pups that we decided to put it in the Times so everyone around the country would know.”

And Kate gave birth on Sunday - while the jumping team, led by Fiona and Julie were competing in the Grantham summer championships.

Fiona added: “One of our friends actually put the announcement in for us, it must have cost quite a bit, but we think she’s worth it.

“Kate looked like a little King Kong when she was a puppy but one day she went out in the yard and rolled around in the mud, so the kids called her Kate Pong.

“We have called the pups the pongettes and they are all named after famous people and the kids are going to keep one of them.”

By Sam Pinnington Kate Pong

Kate Pong, who gave birth to quintuplets Barack, Bobbi, Beyonce, Earl and Tyra, as published in The Times in announcements column on Tuesday.